What we are.(Our message)


Let’s change Japan! Let’s change the world!
Let’s change ourselves!

Let's change Japan! Let's change the world!

Let’s step forward to
a new preparation!

We here officially announce the start of preparation for our challenge to create a new national liberation organization, “the Communist Association for Revolution Movement 21”. This organization will aim to accomplish social change and self-liberation of working people who are in the midst of poverty and distress. Among them are irregular youth workers who are beginning to voice out “Let us live!” and aged people who are intensifying their anxiety over living, to name but a few.

We are in an era of
great historical change!

The world has entered an epoch of historical turbulence. The “era of US unilateral superpower” has ended. The capital is conducting cut-throat strategy throughout the world in “pursuit of profit” and is carrying out misrule in pursuit of its survival. This is destroying the natural environment, causing global warming and worldwide food crisis. This is also creating a chain of poverty and disparity which denies human existence itself. This brings about loss of moral and ethics, also. And finally, it leads to total destruction of the irreplaceable earth and human lives.
But hard time is also a chance for change.
The US subprime loan problem is deepening itself as the epicenter of world credit panic. It is clearly a sign of capitalism crisis. The fundamental contradiction of capitalism cannot be resolved otherwise than by overthrow of capitalism itself.
At the same time, this situation is creating new conditions for our struggles’ unity and development.
As can be seen in the burst of “Socialism Renaissance” in Latin America, the world has entered a new era, an era where working people’s struggle against US and capitalism strongly compete with globalization and neo-liberalism of the capital. A transition into an “another world” has begun. The possibility of a revolution to be accomplished jointly by the working people is approaching. This is a revolution to overthrow the capitalism, which will bring us back human common resources, namely, water, food, energy resource and the future to working people. Therefore, the crucial issue of the era is to create the actor of revolution to overthrow capitalism.

We will stand up to meet
the challenge of the era!

This issue is especially urgent in Japan, where we are heading to war and poverty by modifying Article 9 of the Constitution and reorganizing Japanese-American Security Treaty, in a same boat with the declining US.
Under security partnership between Japan and US, Koizumi-Abe-Fukuda regimes have been following the super power US and have been enlarging disparity, poverty. True to their neo-liberalism, they have carried out privatization, labor union destruction, claiming “Death to the weak!”. But we are now seeing the end of Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) -Komeito coalition regime.
Tyranny of LDP-Komeito coalition regime has caused anger and despair from Okinawa throughout Japan. “We just cannot surrender to the state and die obediently!” Possibility for unity among people and possibility of people rising up to struggle is growing greatly.
We should declare death to the LDP-Komeito coalition regime, already in its terminal stage. The superb opportunity to change the current of post war LDP politics and open up the door to a new Japan is at last here!
But, the decisive struggling thrust, which will overthrow capitalism with clear vision to reform Japan and create bright hope for the future, has not been created yet.
Therefore, we will start creating this thrust. And this thrust will offer support to struggling working people throughout Japan and produce cooperation, solidarity among people who have not given up fighting with capitalism.

We will seek an alternative of
the established political parties

Our aim is to construct a revolutionary organization. This will fight for the political development of the working class and mass movement and fight for the basic reform of capitalism, the source of all exploitation, oppression, poverty and disparity. First of all, we will aim creating “another Japan, the self-governing, republic, associative Japonesia”. And, we will go on fighting for the self- liberation of workers and all mankind from Japan, East Asia to the world.
Our group will be based upon active rebirth of the Japanese workers’ movement and will be constructed by workers themselves, but will also aim to change the image of the revolutionary party completely. That is to say, we will be truly based on workers’ free and independent will and will vividly develop workers’ self liberation. Our group will be a liberation organization for self-governance and independence of the working class.
We will here present openly our image of the new organization fit for the new era, as a minimum responsibility for proposing earnest preparation of a new political party.
The reason of our presentation is because the established parties and the political organizations up to now tended to have more or less top-down centralized structure and tended to be formed under selfish vanguard conscience over people. This has resulted in dogmatism, authoritarianism, bureaucracy and oppression of objection in and out of organization, and finally inter-fractional fighting, i.e. uchigeba. Also, the rules and unfair conducts over various organizations and unions were common phenomenon together with underestimation of revolutionary morals.
Such 20th century type established parties and political organizations have already broken down with “the fall of 20th century type socialism”.

Towards creation of new
movement-type liberation organization

We will boldly challenge to create a “new movement-type political party”. This is because “21st century type socialism revolution”(association revolution), which aims at realization of “associative society” (association), calls for an appropriate “21st century new type political party”.
The new political party will be based on the following principles: member’s supremacy, democratic self-rule, radical democracy and openness. We will strive to construct cooperative standard for “unity through acceptance of plurality” even in the presence of objection. And we will create a “rhizome type, movement-type” organization full of revolutionary moral.
This new organization will not give priority to the interest of the party, but will act for the interest of the working class and will act to produce rich shining waves of people’s movements. And through these struggles we will construct new bonds and new organization principles. We will overcome fruitless sectionalism, divisionalism and party conflict, which were prevalent in political movements in the past and still existing. We sincerely wish to respect human and comradely trust and fight together as far as possible with various political forces in an equal cooperative way.
This is a new challenge. It will mean change in our life style and work style. And this will lead to changing the world. If we succeed in finding the common target of struggle, we will then be able to obtain common strategy.
Let’s throw away our indifference and apathy!
Then, the path will be wide open before us!

Our message

Our preparatory way for setting up a new organization is open for everyone who whishes the same.
We send our message to everyone. To every person, group, political trends, who wish to construct jointly a “new political party” which will seek international solidarity with working people of the world, searching for an “another world” from Japan and East Asia. To every person, group, political trends, who wish to construct a “new political party” which will produce a new revolutionary program as a “charter” through open discussion and radical democracy.
We appeal especially to irregular youth workers, union activists, farmers’ union activists, community activists, discriminated people, all communists and socialists, regardless of their origin and sex.

Let’s join the struggle to change the world with high aim, joyously and proudly.
Let’s change Japan and the world! Let’s change ourselves
Let’s challenge to create a “new movement-type political party”!

11th May 2008
The Communist Association for Revolution Movement 21 Preparatory Group

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18:30 12.15労働組合つぶしの大弾圧を許... @ 日本教育会館
12.15労働組合つぶしの大弾圧を許... @ 日本教育会館
12月 15 @ 18:30 – 20:30
12.15労働組合つぶしの大弾圧を許さない!東京緊急集会 @ 日本教育会館 | 千代田区 | 東京都 | 日本
 全日本建設運輸連帯労働組合関西地区生コン支部(関生/かんなま)は、産業別労働組合として、生コン労働者の権利と生活を守る闘いを続けるとともに、辺野古新基地建設阻止、原発再稼働反対、戦争法・共謀罪・憲法改悪阻止などの闘争を積極的に行っています。加えて近畿生コン関係の中小企業と連帯し、生コン業界の民主化、健全化にも取り組み実績を上げています。  これに対して、差別排外主義者集団が暴力的ヘイト攻撃を加え、大阪府警・京都府警・滋賀県警は、関生の委員長、書記長、執行委員等を次々に逮捕・勾留し、家宅捜索をくり返し、大勢の組合員の事情聴取を行い圧力をかけ、組合つぶしの大弾圧を行っています。これらは、正当で合法的な労働運動に対する違法捜査・不当逮捕に他なりません。この弾圧は、政権および警察・検察が初の共謀罪適用を狙っているためと考えられています。  現在の関生への激しい弾圧をみると、次は別の労働組合へ、さらには平和運動や沖縄の基地反対、反原発などの市民・住民団体への弾圧につながるおそれが強いと思われます。これに対して、私たちは、関生支部のメンバーや弁護士を迎え、関係者の皆さんとともに、抗議と反撃のための緊急集会を開催します。大阪から発信されている「労働組合つぶしの大弾圧を許さない!実行委員会への賛同の呼びかけ」を東京で広め、盛り立てる機運になることを願っています。  ぜひ、多くの皆さまがご参加され、状況をご理解いただき、行動を共にしていただけるよう、お願い致します。  ご参加が無理な方は、「労働組合つぶしの大弾圧を許さない実行委員会」への賛同のご検討をお願いします。 ■ 日 時:2018年12月15日(土) 午後6時30分~8時30分(6時開場) ■ 会 場:日本教育会館・中会議室(7階)  〒101-0003 東京都千代田区一ツ橋2丁目6−2  地下鉄「神保町駅」(A1出口)下車徒歩3分  地下鉄「竹橋駅」(6番出口)下車徒歩7分  地下鉄「九段下駅」(6番出口)下車徒歩7分  JR総武線「水道橋駅」(西口出口)下車徒歩15分  地図:http://www.jec.or.jp/koutuu/ ■ 参加費:500円 ーーー ■ 主な内容: ・講演「大弾圧といかに闘うか」  大口昭彦弁護士(救援連絡センター運営委員) ・連帯労組関西生コン支部からの報告 ・労働組合つぶしの大弾圧を許さない実行委員会(大阪)の報告 ・連帯発言(国会議員、市民団体、労働組合ほか) ーーー ■ 主催・問い合わせ先:  12.15労働組合つぶしの大弾圧を許さない!東京緊急集会実行委員会  仮事務局:東京都中野区中野2-23-1-3F 協同センター・東京  Tel.03-5342-1395 Fax.03-6382-6538


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